My late mother, an RN and my wife, retail merchant, newspaper editor, legal assistant and certified fiduciary chose to be working mothers. It was their decision. A decision that should be respected. Which brings me to the remarks of a woman high in the Obama reelection campaign who recently opined that Ann Romney shouldn=t be giving any advice to her husband during his presidential campaign because as a stay at home mother, she had Anever worked a day in her life.@ The implication of those remarks is clear: a woman who chooses to Astay at home@ to raise a family is a dummy, a woman who is unintelligent, uneducated and therefore a person who=s opinions should not be taken seriously. That sound you hear is me. Taking a deep breath to control my anger. I know several so-called stay at home mommies. They work damn hard. They learn to schedule better than a top CEO; they deal as well with emotional issues as the best human resource people; they juggle finances with the kind of aplomb a bank president would envy. Just as working mothers should be respected for their choices, so should those mothers who choose a different life style. To denigrate any woman for the choices she makes is insulting and sexist. After all, you don=t hear men being criticized if they choose to stay home while their wives work which is happening more and more frequently as statistics show, for example, that it is women who are now graduating from college in larger numbers than men. If there is a Awar on women@ as some on the left claim, then it appears it may be those people who are perpetuating it.


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