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May 2, 2012

Mr. Robert Romasco President-Elect


601 E. Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20049

Dear Mr. Romasco:

I will initially presume that as the incoming president of AARP, the people who produce the AARP Bulletin and the AARP Magazine work for you and the AARP Board. I will further presume that AARP continues to at least pay “lip service” to the goal that it represents this Nation’s senior citizens and therefore reflects their views and values.

A recent Gallup poll indicates that 42% of Americans consider themselves conservative or very conservative as opposed to 20% who see themselves as liberals. Another Gallup poll in 2009 noted that 35% of independent voters ( such as myself ) see themselves as more conservative than liberal. And Pew research showed as long ago as 2008 that voters over 65 years of age are three times more likely to identify themselves as conservatives than as liberals. Finally, a Rasmussen poll indicates that 73% of Americans favor voter ID laws. If, as liberals allege, it is conservatives that favor such laws, then it would appear that a large number of older voters, those supposedly being represented by AARP, favor such laws.

I note these polls because of the unfortunate politicizing engaged in by one Jim Toedtman, who identifies himself as editor of the AARP Bulletin who recently editorialized, after bashing several state’s voter ID laws that such laws exist, in his opinion, “All…in the name of fighting voter fraud that has yet to appear.” He went on to assert the liberal argument that “[T]hese initiatives target the poor and the older voter….”

Although these assertions by Mr. Toedtman were in support of his message about the need to be actively involved in the voting process, their inclusion was at best disingenuous and at worst, shoddy journalism.

Contrary to Mr. Toedtman’s assertion, there are numerous examples of voter fraud. Voter fraud has either been uncovered, investigated and/or prosecuted in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida. Voter fraud arguably influenced the election of two United State senators in Oregon and Minnesota in recent elections. As the United States Supreme Court said in a case upholding Indiana’s voter ID law, “Flagrant examples of such fraud…have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.”

In fact, it is arguments that such laws will disenfranchise voters that are currently without merit. Most objective observers have opined that with the voter ID laws being of such recent origin, it is too early to tell whether the supposed disenfranchisement of voters ( however that is defined ) will become a reality.

Beyond the lack of evidence to support his reckless assertion, based on the apparent demographics of AARP’s constituency, it appears clear that Mr. Toedtman’s position does not reflect the beliefs of a majority of those elders AARP purports to represent.

If Mr. Toedtman wishes to do an op ed piece in an attempt to convince AARP members that their beliefs are incorrect and that is perceived as a legitimate aim of the organization or the issue is presented in a fair debate with an examination of both sides of the issue, then that may be a legitimate function of the media arm of the organization. But to make patently false assertions in support of a liberal agenda not in keeping with the beliefs of AARP’s members is not only shoddy journalism but an insult to those the AARP purports to represent.

I suggest that when you assume the office as president of AARP, you consider to what extent your organization does reflect the values and viewpoints of its constituents.





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