Putting aside my skepticism about the motivation of any politician who makes some seemingly profound policy statement during an election year, our President’s lukewarm endorsement of gay marriage has, of course, spurred controversy. When these social issues raise their bloodied head, we have snarling liberals and barking conservatives condemning the other, liberals being portrayed as doomed to Hell while conservatives are racists, bigots and worse. Polls supposedly show that younger people in general are more inclined to support gay rights and some polls even show a majority of Americans support gay marriage. On the other hand, some 30 states have banned the practice including North Carolina within the last two weeks. What should concern us as a people is not that we all agree on any issue but that we respect our differences of opinion. While I favor gay rights including gay marriage, I have many friends who are committed to their religion which condemns the practice. Are they wrong to believe as they do? Some of us could be in for a big surprise if we find ourselves at the Pearly Gates confronting St. Pete who puts a mark next to our names which moves us one step closer to the elevator to Hell! If liberals expect people to agree with their social agenda it can only happen when they loose the mantle of “angry liberal” and begin to acknowledge that people who don’t share their vision are still worthy of respect. And those on the right need to remember that while what they believe should be respected, so should respect and deference be accorded to those who don’t share their life style. The counterpoint to meeting St. Pete may well lie in the words of an atheist friend of mine when asked what he thought might lie ahead for us after death: “There is nothing!”


2 thoughts on “GAY MARRIAGE

  1. While I am heterosexual, I fearmly believe that if you don’t want to loose your rights, be careful of removing others rights if you don’t want to loose your own.

  2. Are you sure atheists aren’t too hopeful? We probably die and get stuck in a room full of extreme liberals and conservatives for eternity.

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