It’s pretty hard not to take advantage of seeing the latest films on the big screen in our newly renovated theater here in DL when the ticket price is $5.00 or about the same as what you’d pay to rent or downstream a movie on your home “big screen.” The film I watched last night was one of the big blockbusters for this summer, Battleship. It seems that all the big films are either based on comic books or video games and this one was based on the Hasbro game of the same name. Apparently thinking he’s Hitchcock, former actor turned director Peter Berg appears in all his films but excusing this burst of egotism, managed to hit all the usual elements for a successful action pic, including a big name cast, over the top special effects and even a little humor as the U.S. Navy, getting their turn in the limelight, turns away another alien invasion. With barely a nod to ET, it seems we no longer even bother to ask why any right thinking alien race would want to take over this planet or why we’re always out gunned and out manned by beings with superior technology but always prevail anyway, particularly when we’re led by anti-authoritarian protagonist rebels who suddenly come up with incredible solutions to save the day. Ah, Hollywood. And speaking of Hollywood, Berg managed to put in a couple of politically correct ( for Hollywood) little zingers showing our current President about to explain to the public what was going on and showing MSNBC as one of the networks covering the story. It would have been refreshing to have also shown Mitt Romney being interviewed saying something like “Don’t these aliens understand that it’s the economy stupid” and Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, shaking his fist at the sky saying, “The spin stops here!” But since Ben Hur died, there aren’t any conservatives left in Hollywood, so I suppose Berg can be forgiven for not wanting to buck the Hollywood establishment. Up next at the Rialto, Johnny Deep in a remake of Dark Shadows. I think I’ll have to skip that one.


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