Remembering Summers

Remembering summers…. No school, fishing and hiking, mowing lawns for money, sandlot baseball. And movies. Lots of movies. I guess my love of movies is in the genes. One of my late mom’s favorite memories was walking from the ranch into Deer Lodge with her grandma Emma to see the silent films, complete with a piano player, at the Rialto theater. One of my fondest memories is taking mom back to the Rialto many year’s ago when we made a trip to DL. In the 90’s most of the Rialto was gutted by a fire. Thanks to the perseverance of our little community, millions were raised from all over the world and the Rialto has been restored. Mrs. B and I attended the grand reopening and over 300 hundred people from all over the country came to pay tribute to those who had led the effort to restore the theater. And last night, I walked down town and sat in the newly restored theater and enjoyed a summer blockbuster ( see accompanying column). The theater was fairly full but with 300 seats, I sat in the middle with an unobstructed view and enjoyed the latest sound system and digital projection. And then I walked back to the Manse in cool, crisp air, scented with pine. Ah, summer in the mountains!


2 thoughts on “Remembering Summers

  1. Well put… I know it seems silly but after 10 years in Denver, I really do think Deer Lodge is a little piece of heaven. I am sure after years of hustle and bustle in the city… you feel the same. Here’s to a beautiful summer!!!

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