Hypocrisy. Another term that comes to mind for feigning to be what one is not is “phoniness.” And does anyone really like or admire that aspect of another’s personality? I think not. Frankly, I find phony people among the most disgusting people on the planet. A phony person is a stupid person, an irrational person and therefore a person who’s opinions are unworthy of acknowledgment or respect. I am constantly amazed ( and little in life now surprises me ) at how people can espouse a position and then act completely differently to what they advocate. I suppose that is why I routinely dismiss the opinions of celebrities and politicians who attempt to use their positions to influence others, like one of my favorite singers, Barbra Streisand, who supports liberal causes that supposedly favor individual rights but who opposed the public walking by on the beach below her mansion in Malibu or Senator Patty Murray from Washington state who was in the forefront of attacking the Catholic church for trying to adhere to their principles on abortion, joining the alleged “war on women” rhetoric but who pays her female staffers $26,000 less than her male staffers. It is easy to dismiss such disconnect in thinking with cliches such as “no one is perfect” or “do as I say not as I do,” but the reality is that those who choose to influence others to believe what they do should at least be honest with themselves. “Hypocrite: one who talks on principles and acts on interest.”


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