Legend has it that when our first President was confronted as a small boy with the question about whether he had chopped down the cherry tree, he replied, “I cannot tell a lie,” and admitted the transgression. As parents, we teach our children to tell the truth, recognizing that to do otherwise, would only encourage their own self destruction. Telling the truth is important simply because once a person is caught in a lie, they surrender their credibility for all time. If they’ll lie about one thing, then we can never rely on them to be truthful about anything else. I cannot speak for you but I suspect that it offends you as it does me when people lie to you. It is personally insulting for no other reason than the assumption on the part of the person lying to you that you will be stupid or gullible enough to buy their lies. And the bigger the issue being lied about, the more insulting it is. And so I am mad this morning as I write this to you. Putting aside political affiliations, I’m mad and insulted that our President lied to me. And to you. And to all Americans. Knowing that not even his own party would back him up otherwise, our President sat (or stood) before us on many occasions, duly recorded in the media and swore to us that his Affordable Care Act ( “Obama Care”) was not a tax on the American people. As we now know, it is a tax. In fact, we now know that it contains over 20 separate taxes ( see companion blog). And the Supreme Court confirms it is a tax in the majority opinion upholding the ACA on the grounds that it is a tax which Congress has the right to impose on us. The President’s supporters argue that just because Chief Justice Roberts chose to call the mandate a tax doesn’t mean it is a tax. By that tortured reasoning then, the logical conclusion to be drawn is that if that is true, then the mandate should have indeed been struck down as unconstitutional since there was no other constitutional basis on which the Court said it could be upheld. And of course, there are attempts by some to argue that it’s presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Romney’s fault since the ACA was modeled after what he initiated in Massachusetts. What Romney, who has vowed to overturn the ACA, if elected, did in some state or another in the past is irrelevant to what has occurred to our country today with the passage of a law overwhelmingly opposed by the majority of our citizens. And now, to add insult to injury, we find we are to be burdened with this unpopular law largely as the result of a massive deception on the part of our own President. Lest you harbor

any lingering doubts as to his blatant deception, then you need look only to the fact that his own lawyers argued before the Supreme Court that if the Court could not uphold the law on any other basis, it could be upheld as a tax which is exactly the argument by the government accepted by the Court. To assume let alone argue that our President was not aware of the position his own lawyers were taking in their frantic attempts to get the Court to uphold the law would require such irrationality in one’s thinking to border on insanity. Apparently, our lawyer President forgot the oath that all of us take who are sworn to testify in courts of law to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


One thought on ““LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!”

  1. Frankly, I’m sick of paying these politicians and government employees high salaries to come up with the obvious conclusions. Every Tom, Dick and Joe…the plumber that is, knew this was a TAX from the beginning.

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