First, as you’ve probably gathered, I have no problem with gay people. I favor “gay rights” (whatever that means) and contrary to most people in my age group, I have no problem with gay people getting married. Maybe because our current Prexy pandered to gay people by endorsing gay marriage (a meaningless gesture since he has no power to effect it ), it seems we now have a steady stream of gay people “coming out,” declaring to the world that they are indeed gay. Hmm. It seems that if someone wants to be accepted for who they are, be treated equally like everyone else, why emphasize that they aren’t like everyone else? Why point out that they really are different? The latest “celebrity” to declare their difference is some CNN reporter, Anderson Hooper, no that’s not it. Let’s see. Oh yes, “Cooper.” My initial reaction upon having to read about Mr. Cooper’s sexual orientation (since that is what the media chose to report) was: “so what?” Frankly, I don’t care what his sexual orientation is any more than I care about what your sexual orientation is. Or what religion you practice. Or what your father did for a living. Hey, if you’re a stand up guy (or woman), what difference does it make if you’re that guy that had to give up those enhanced sex pills they advertise on TV because they really did give you an erection that lasted more than four hours. In the final analysis, we’re all different in one way or another. Some would say God or Budda or Muhammad made us that way, others that it was just an accident of nature. Whatever. If we want to be truly fair, then I think the media should give equal time to heterosexuals. We could have a segment where we report that Steve Slobovia of Podunk, New York reports that he’s a heterosexual. Or Kathy Stemloper of Mud Slime, Oregon reports that she’s hetro and “always has been.” Heck, maybe to keep up with the flow of gay celebrities sharing their sex lives with us, we can find a few hetro celebrities, guys and gals, to “come out” as well. What a revelation it would be to find out that the actor or actress we thought was gay actually wasn’t!


2 thoughts on “COMING OUT

  1. Maybe the big difference is hetro people don’t have to worry about being beat to death for being gay, A or TG or whether or not they can make end of life decisions for their partners or inherit their joint adventures or be on their partner’s insurance policy…. or ….or …. When was the last time someone was killed for being hetro?
    I don’t care to know anyone sexual preference either – most people I don’t even want to THINK of them having sex! Spare me! But some times the pendulum has to swing the other way to find a happy middle. People who have made a life choice with whom ever they choose – should have the same legal rights of anyone who partners up. Let them get married and let them get a divorce if it doesn’t work out like the majority of marriages in this country.
    Perhaps the President can’t affect the laws by any other means than to announce he believes gays have rights too – like any human being in this country. At least he has the balls to say it. And at least he is not try to take away rights from women that some of the other politicians would like to do.
    I think we should start a new campaign for the rights of short people. Why do the shelves at the store have to be so doggone high!

  2. Agree on rights for gays as noted in the column. However, the logic of arguing that gays declaring their sexual status would in some way help them avoid being identified by those sick people who would harm them escapes me. Just the opposite would seem to be true: by not emphasizing their sexual orientation, they would seem to be less of a target. Obviously, celebrity gays are “coming out” in an effort to gain acceptance for gays. Unfortunately, just as you’re not going to convince members of the KKK they should embrace racial equality, it is unlikely you’ll convince homophobic people to accept gays. The solution lies in our young people who increasingly support gay rights and over time, it appears gays will be accepted in our society without having to flaunt their status. As for our current Prexy, the only “balls” he has are used to pander to any group he feels will vote for him in November. And finally, for politicians trying to deny women’s rights, I’m not sure how this applies to this issue. Last time I looked, gay people included men as well as women. Short people? I can’t see them, they’re too short! Seriously, I’d prefer a campaign for accepting over weight people. The kind of people like me who gain weight when they just look at food!

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