Although I’ve never taken a poll, I suspect that most people in our little town in the mountains of Montana own guns. For those who do, a gun is a tool, much like a spade or a screw driver. People use their guns to hunt game which they harvest much like they do their vegetable gardens. They eat the meat and use the hides for clothing among other uses. Since we have bears, including Grizzlies, wandering through town, not to mention mountain lions in the hills surrounding the town, people who venture out in the wilds usually carry guns for protection. It’s a way of life that is difficult for those who live in big cities to understand particularly when some nut uses a gun to massacre people in some public venue, like a high school or a movie theater. And when that happens, the Left immediately starts in on the need for gun control laws. Senator Diane Finestain asks how a hunter could possibly justify carrying a gun with a 100 round drum clip. Good point. I can’t recall seeing or hearing about any hunters running around the woods shooting game with a machine gun or an assault rifle. But there are several problems with government attempting to impose restrictions on gun ownership not the least of which it’s unconstitutional. It’s also proven to be ineffective. Chicago, for example, has one of the toughest anti- gun laws on the books and the city is awash in gun killings. Even if you banned guns completely, crazy people would still find ways to kill other people. In the latest Colorado incident, the shooter’s apartment was not full of guns but instead various home made explosive devices. Are we going to ban every household product that could be used to manufacture a bomb? Although the shooter killed and wounded a lot of innocent people during the shooting spree, think of how much worse it could have been if he simply stuck an explosive device under the seat and walked away. He could have blown up the whole building. I’m afraid that restricting the ownership of guns would just give the criminals a big edge over law abiding citizens. Perhaps what we should be concentrating on is our mental health system which could use big improvements. But in the final analysis, as appears to be the case with the Colorado shooter, seemingly normal people can suddenly go crazy and go on a killing spree and while tragic, there probably isn’t much that can be done to prevent it, including trying to ban guns.


3 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL

  1. Very incisive Warner. I would add to your comments that our country has a very unenviable record where it concerns the prohibiting or restricting of anything. How about prohibition in the 20s and 30s. The war on drugs perhaps or the policing of the southern border. When you confront societies’ demons with an eye to prohibiting it all you do is give crime professionals a great opportunity.

  2. I think the same thing can be said about terrorism. Having the TSA make our lives Hell at the airport probably in the final analysis does very little to dissuade terrorists. Until we change the perceptions about America and we stop interfering in certain parts of the world, we will be able to do very little to prevent attacks apart from good intelligence giving us a head’s up that it’s coming. I don’t like our government preying on our fears and instilling a false sense of security, or just simply saying “hey, look at us, we are doing something. Never mind that it’s ineffective!”

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