A liberal friend of mine suggested this blog since she was outraged by the comments of Todd Akin who is the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Missouri and currently leading the incumbent, Oboma clone, Claire McCaskill. Mr. Akin in an interview indicated that his “take no prisoners” position on abortion could be reconciled with rape victims who become pregnant because, according to Akin, “If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down.” As a registered independent, what I found interesting was not so much his obviously ignorant and stupid statement but the comments posted by various people on the site reporting his remarks. Many of these people concluded that all Republicans are to be lumped together as believing in this nonsense and that Republicans, as have been charged by Democrats, are at least insensitive to women if not downright at war with women. In fact, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that when it comes to social issues, we are a deeply divided country. While I am very definitely a liberal on the issue of women’s rights, and “pro choice” and as previously noted, in the liberal camp when it comes to gay rights, I do understand and respect those who disagree with me on these issues. Last week, a gay right’s advocate walked into the lobby of a conservative organization that supports traditional marriage, armed with a pistol and 50 rounds of ammo. He was there to shoot people because, by his own admission, he didn’t like what these people stand for. Thanks to the actions of a private security guard, who was wounded but will recover, the shooter was subdued. This incident occurred after the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal organization, wrongly called the conservative think tank, a “hate organization” because of their opposition to gay marriage. And the so-called “main stream media” hardly mentioned the episode. While Akin’s comments are absurd, they represent a level of ignorance endemic among politicians in both parties ( have you ever listened to Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi?). The Republican National Committee has now taken the extraordinary step of telling Akin he’s history as far as receiving any support from them and suggesting he should withdraw from the race. There are, in fact, many women who support traditional marriage and are not in favor of expanding the rights of gay people to marry. As noted in another column, 31 states now have laws banning gay marriage. While I don’t happen to agree with these people and certainly take exception to the comments of Mr. Akin, Republicans and the Right have no monopoly on stupidity, callousness, ignorance or any other negative form of thought or behavior. There will be some who cast their vote in November based on single social issues. In my opinion, that is unfortunate because I believe that there are more fundamental issues, relating to joblessness, the deficit, the need to reform our tax code and other issues that will have a greater impact on all of us than our legitimate concerns about social issues. If Mr. Akin is elected, his stance on women will have no impact since, like the Prexy’s stance on gay marriage, he has no ability to effect the outcome one way or another. Contrast that with McCaskill’s vote for ObamaCare which will cost you and I thousands of additional dollars in health care costs. And I would remind my liberal friends that any assumption that women can be shoved into a predictable pigeon hole as a voting block is the height of misogyny. I have more respect for women than to believe that. I hope you do too.



Unless you’ve been on vacation on Mars, you’re probably aware that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D Nev) has taken the senate floor on at least two occasions to accuse Prexy candidate Mitt Rimney of failing to pay taxes for ten years. Although studies show that about half of all Americans pay no income tax, the last time I looked, it was a federal crime not to pay your taxes, assuming you owe any. It is also the law that a Prexy candidate is under no obligation to make his tax status known. Rimney has released the last several years of his returns and to assume that a Prexy candidate would knowingly fail to pay taxes owed over ten years flies in the face of logic and rational behavior. In fact, Reid (supported by his crony Nancy Pelosity, the House Minority Leader) bases his claim on “unnamed sources” which even the so-called mainstream (read “liberal”) media is taking him to task for because any rational person realizes what a blatant and baseless smear the allegation represents. And in a new level of ultimate hypocrisy, neither Reid nor Polosity have released their tax returns. Meanwhile, the current Prexy stands by in silence taking refuge in the fact that he’s released his tax returns, returns that show despite his war on the rich, he’s worth about ten million dollars. That Rimney is worth more than Obomba is a given but at some point, what difference does it make? Wow, I’d like to have ten mil, wouldn’t you? I consider that a lot of money. If Obomba and his celebrity friends are so concerned with everyone paying their fair share, the Prexy should write a check to the IRS for 5 million. After all, how much does he need? You and I sure live on a lot less. And for my friends on the right, I would remind you of the old cliche about being careful what you wish for. If Rimney is elected Prexy in November, we tax payers will be supporting Obomba for the rest of his life. Our former Presidents spend tax dollars for their support ranging from between about $800,000 (Carter) to over a million ( Bushy the younger) per year. Assuming Obomba lives to be 80 ( he just turned 51) and assuming our support for him is a cool mil every year, we’ll be on the hook for his support to the tune of about 29 mil. Nice retirement. In the final analysis though, it is you and I who are at fault when it comes to this negative campaigning. That’s because were a bunch of schizos. While in general, studies show we don’t like negative campaigning, studies also show that such messages work in influencing people’s vote. Until we ignore this kind of baseless character assassination and concentrate on the issues that matter like the economy and the deficit, we’ll continue to be plagued by this kind of crap.


I like our little town’s mayor. I think she’s like most of the mayors in the majority of our cities and towns. She’s honest, open and accommodating. She tries to represent her constituents without prejudice, concentrating on struggling with the issues that matter in running our town. Unfortunately, that’s not news. Instead, we get to read and hear about mayors like Lee in San Francisco who is trying to penalize a chicken restaurant because its founder made some stupid comments about God striking down those who favor gay marriage, ignoring the First Amendment which protects people’s right to make fools of themselves. Then, we have the Chi town mayor, Rammed Manual, who condemns the same cluck franchise, saying, in effect, it doesn’t comport with the values of his city, right before he heads off to share a public appearance with Rev Louie Farra the Can, an anti-Semitic bigot. And that reflects the value of Chicagoans? Give me a break ( see “Cluck, Cluck, Cluck”). Now, we have New York mayor Mickie Bloomberg who suddenly has anointed himself with a medical degree. After taking on sugary drinks and salt, he has now directed hospitals in his city to withhold baby formula from mothers because Doctor Mickie has concluded that breast feeding should be mandatory for new mothers. While available medical evidence may support the advantages of breast feeding, do we really need our politicians to mandate what individual mothers decide on this issue? As real doctors point out, there are many reasons, including the biological one that some mothers are incapable of breast feeding, that make such a policy inappropriate and in some cases, downright dangerous. You would think that with all the problems in our nation’s largest city, this mayor could find more pressing issues to deal with. Ensconced in his third term, Mickie is the epitome of that old saying that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What is finally so disturbing to me is the hypocrisy of these politicians. Manual, for example, condemns the comments of the cluck founder who happens to be White but has made no public criticisms of Black church leaders who have gone so far as to accuse President Obomba of being “a Judas” for his support of gay marriage. And you have Mickie supporting the Obomba administration’s requirement that the Catholic Church provide women with contraceptive devices in violation of its beliefs while he steps allover women’s rights when it comes to the issue of baby formula. What are these guys thinking? Obviously, consistent thought or apparently any thought at all is not a requirement for being the mayor in some of our cities.


Back in the days when I belonged to organizations, I was a member of the ACLU ( relax, I was also a member of the NRA ) because I liked the Liberal perspective of tolerance for minority thinking and positions. I suppose I thought of traditional institutions as representative of the potential tyranny of the majority that our founding fathers were so concerned about. Although I still have that perspective, I’m sorry to say that it is the Liberals who are more often guilty of intolerance. The latest example is exemplified by the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco who have publicly said they won’t let some chicken restaurant franchise operate in their cities because the founder of the business has publicly said he supports so-called traditional marriage. It’s not surprising that the mayor of San Fran would be included in this group since it’s the city that flouts Federal law by branding itself a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens as well as banning cigarette smoking while allowing marijuana smoking. It’s also a city I’ll never take any of my grandchildren to since I wouldn’t want to be seated in a restaurant with a five year old next to a table with naked diners. As for Rammed Manual, the mayor of Chicago, he might be less concerned with appearing to be politically correct and more concerned with dealing with his own problems, most notably his city’s reputation as the “murder capital” of the nation. And Boston? I thought that city disappeared into a big hole some time ago, something about a “big dig.” There is no evidence that the cluck restaurants discriminate against gays. In fact, the owner of the only such restaurant in Chicago made it clear to the mayor that she doesn’t discriminate against gays in either who she hires or serves. The latter makes sense. Unless someone walks into the cluck place wearing a sandwich board proclaiming they’re gay how would anyone know they are anyway? I suppose the cluck place could have a sign saying they don’t serve gays or they could hire ex-TSA employees to question everyone’s sexuality. Or maybe they could just post a sign that says “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Silly isn’t it? In fact, even thinking Liberals agree that a business owners private opinions should not be used to discriminate against them by denying them access to do business in a community. As Whoopi said, in effect, “hey, if you don’t like what they stand for, don’t eat their chicken!”


On October 22, the Rock Hall of Fame will begin a week long tribute to Charles “Chuck” Berry. The 82 year old rocker intends to take the stage at his own concert tribute. There are many who say Elvis was the “king” of rock (Springsteen merely “the boss”) but as far as I’m concerned, there is only one king and that’s Berry. Along with Bo Diddley, Berry influenced guitar playing rockers for decades to come, including Keith Richards who later put together one of the best rock movies which chronicled the life and music of Berry (Hail, Hail Rock N Roll). Berry was a rebel who had scrapes with the law, multiple marriages and other unsavory aspects to his life but he also unknowingly paved the way for racial tolerance during the dawn of rock in the late fifties when white kids like myself plunked down some coin to buy and listen to his hits recorded on 45 records. It didn’t matter what color he was, the man made you want to get up and dance and take up an instrument to emulate either he or his band. That’s when I first learned to dance which later held me in good stead at the high school mixers and sock hops we had back in those days. And if you wanted a chance with the ladies (well, girls), you’d better be able to dance the UT, the Stroll, the Hop and of course, the Twist. By being a “bad boy” and Black, Berry tapped into the rebellious side of our youth. The only problem was my mom loved the guy’s music too and my mom knew music. Even today, when I want to get “down and dirty,” I pull out my Berry greatest hits CD and shuck and jive as I remember the good old days. Berry may “never have learned to read or write so well but he could play a guitar like ringin a bell.”