Back in the days when I belonged to organizations, I was a member of the ACLU ( relax, I was also a member of the NRA ) because I liked the Liberal perspective of tolerance for minority thinking and positions. I suppose I thought of traditional institutions as representative of the potential tyranny of the majority that our founding fathers were so concerned about. Although I still have that perspective, I’m sorry to say that it is the Liberals who are more often guilty of intolerance. The latest example is exemplified by the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco who have publicly said they won’t let some chicken restaurant franchise operate in their cities because the founder of the business has publicly said he supports so-called traditional marriage. It’s not surprising that the mayor of San Fran would be included in this group since it’s the city that flouts Federal law by branding itself a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens as well as banning cigarette smoking while allowing marijuana smoking. It’s also a city I’ll never take any of my grandchildren to since I wouldn’t want to be seated in a restaurant with a five year old next to a table with naked diners. As for Rammed Manual, the mayor of Chicago, he might be less concerned with appearing to be politically correct and more concerned with dealing with his own problems, most notably his city’s reputation as the “murder capital” of the nation. And Boston? I thought that city disappeared into a big hole some time ago, something about a “big dig.” There is no evidence that the cluck restaurants discriminate against gays. In fact, the owner of the only such restaurant in Chicago made it clear to the mayor that she doesn’t discriminate against gays in either who she hires or serves. The latter makes sense. Unless someone walks into the cluck place wearing a sandwich board proclaiming they’re gay how would anyone know they are anyway? I suppose the cluck place could have a sign saying they don’t serve gays or they could hire ex-TSA employees to question everyone’s sexuality. Or maybe they could just post a sign that says “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Silly isn’t it? In fact, even thinking Liberals agree that a business owners private opinions should not be used to discriminate against them by denying them access to do business in a community. As Whoopi said, in effect, “hey, if you don’t like what they stand for, don’t eat their chicken!”


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