Unless you’ve been on vacation on Mars, you’re probably aware that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D Nev) has taken the senate floor on at least two occasions to accuse Prexy candidate Mitt Rimney of failing to pay taxes for ten years. Although studies show that about half of all Americans pay no income tax, the last time I looked, it was a federal crime not to pay your taxes, assuming you owe any. It is also the law that a Prexy candidate is under no obligation to make his tax status known. Rimney has released the last several years of his returns and to assume that a Prexy candidate would knowingly fail to pay taxes owed over ten years flies in the face of logic and rational behavior. In fact, Reid (supported by his crony Nancy Pelosity, the House Minority Leader) bases his claim on “unnamed sources” which even the so-called mainstream (read “liberal”) media is taking him to task for because any rational person realizes what a blatant and baseless smear the allegation represents. And in a new level of ultimate hypocrisy, neither Reid nor Polosity have released their tax returns. Meanwhile, the current Prexy stands by in silence taking refuge in the fact that he’s released his tax returns, returns that show despite his war on the rich, he’s worth about ten million dollars. That Rimney is worth more than Obomba is a given but at some point, what difference does it make? Wow, I’d like to have ten mil, wouldn’t you? I consider that a lot of money. If Obomba and his celebrity friends are so concerned with everyone paying their fair share, the Prexy should write a check to the IRS for 5 million. After all, how much does he need? You and I sure live on a lot less. And for my friends on the right, I would remind you of the old cliche about being careful what you wish for. If Rimney is elected Prexy in November, we tax payers will be supporting Obomba for the rest of his life. Our former Presidents spend tax dollars for their support ranging from between about $800,000 (Carter) to over a million ( Bushy the younger) per year. Assuming Obomba lives to be 80 ( he just turned 51) and assuming our support for him is a cool mil every year, we’ll be on the hook for his support to the tune of about 29 mil. Nice retirement. In the final analysis though, it is you and I who are at fault when it comes to this negative campaigning. That’s because were a bunch of schizos. While in general, studies show we don’t like negative campaigning, studies also show that such messages work in influencing people’s vote. Until we ignore this kind of baseless character assassination and concentrate on the issues that matter like the economy and the deficit, we’ll continue to be plagued by this kind of crap.


2 thoughts on “TAX RETURNS

  1. So what you are saying, to save ourselves a mil a year supporting a president going out of office – it would be cheaper for us to keep Obama another term – makes sense to me. I’ll vote for that. I turn off the TV or change channels when the negative campaign comes on or go get another beer or glass of wine or something. You can’t believe their lies and you can’t believe their truths. Play nice boys.

  2. I agree that it would cost a lot to support him out of office. But it could cost the country a lot more than money to keep him in office.

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