I like our little town’s mayor. I think she’s like most of the mayors in the majority of our cities and towns. She’s honest, open and accommodating. She tries to represent her constituents without prejudice, concentrating on struggling with the issues that matter in running our town. Unfortunately, that’s not news. Instead, we get to read and hear about mayors like Lee in San Francisco who is trying to penalize a chicken restaurant because its founder made some stupid comments about God striking down those who favor gay marriage, ignoring the First Amendment which protects people’s right to make fools of themselves. Then, we have the Chi town mayor, Rammed Manual, who condemns the same cluck franchise, saying, in effect, it doesn’t comport with the values of his city, right before he heads off to share a public appearance with Rev Louie Farra the Can, an anti-Semitic bigot. And that reflects the value of Chicagoans? Give me a break ( see “Cluck, Cluck, Cluck”). Now, we have New York mayor Mickie Bloomberg who suddenly has anointed himself with a medical degree. After taking on sugary drinks and salt, he has now directed hospitals in his city to withhold baby formula from mothers because Doctor Mickie has concluded that breast feeding should be mandatory for new mothers. While available medical evidence may support the advantages of breast feeding, do we really need our politicians to mandate what individual mothers decide on this issue? As real doctors point out, there are many reasons, including the biological one that some mothers are incapable of breast feeding, that make such a policy inappropriate and in some cases, downright dangerous. You would think that with all the problems in our nation’s largest city, this mayor could find more pressing issues to deal with. Ensconced in his third term, Mickie is the epitome of that old saying that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What is finally so disturbing to me is the hypocrisy of these politicians. Manual, for example, condemns the comments of the cluck founder who happens to be White but has made no public criticisms of Black church leaders who have gone so far as to accuse President Obomba of being “a Judas” for his support of gay marriage. And you have Mickie supporting the Obomba administration’s requirement that the Catholic Church provide women with contraceptive devices in violation of its beliefs while he steps allover women’s rights when it comes to the issue of baby formula. What are these guys thinking? Obviously, consistent thought or apparently any thought at all is not a requirement for being the mayor in some of our cities.


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