A liberal friend of mine suggested this blog since she was outraged by the comments of Todd Akin who is the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Missouri and currently leading the incumbent, Oboma clone, Claire McCaskill. Mr. Akin in an interview indicated that his “take no prisoners” position on abortion could be reconciled with rape victims who become pregnant because, according to Akin, “If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down.” As a registered independent, what I found interesting was not so much his obviously ignorant and stupid statement but the comments posted by various people on the site reporting his remarks. Many of these people concluded that all Republicans are to be lumped together as believing in this nonsense and that Republicans, as have been charged by Democrats, are at least insensitive to women if not downright at war with women. In fact, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that when it comes to social issues, we are a deeply divided country. While I am very definitely a liberal on the issue of women’s rights, and “pro choice” and as previously noted, in the liberal camp when it comes to gay rights, I do understand and respect those who disagree with me on these issues. Last week, a gay right’s advocate walked into the lobby of a conservative organization that supports traditional marriage, armed with a pistol and 50 rounds of ammo. He was there to shoot people because, by his own admission, he didn’t like what these people stand for. Thanks to the actions of a private security guard, who was wounded but will recover, the shooter was subdued. This incident occurred after the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal organization, wrongly called the conservative think tank, a “hate organization” because of their opposition to gay marriage. And the so-called “main stream media” hardly mentioned the episode. While Akin’s comments are absurd, they represent a level of ignorance endemic among politicians in both parties ( have you ever listened to Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi?). The Republican National Committee has now taken the extraordinary step of telling Akin he’s history as far as receiving any support from them and suggesting he should withdraw from the race. There are, in fact, many women who support traditional marriage and are not in favor of expanding the rights of gay people to marry. As noted in another column, 31 states now have laws banning gay marriage. While I don’t happen to agree with these people and certainly take exception to the comments of Mr. Akin, Republicans and the Right have no monopoly on stupidity, callousness, ignorance or any other negative form of thought or behavior. There will be some who cast their vote in November based on single social issues. In my opinion, that is unfortunate because I believe that there are more fundamental issues, relating to joblessness, the deficit, the need to reform our tax code and other issues that will have a greater impact on all of us than our legitimate concerns about social issues. If Mr. Akin is elected, his stance on women will have no impact since, like the Prexy’s stance on gay marriage, he has no ability to effect the outcome one way or another. Contrast that with McCaskill’s vote for ObamaCare which will cost you and I thousands of additional dollars in health care costs. And I would remind my liberal friends that any assumption that women can be shoved into a predictable pigeon hole as a voting block is the height of misogyny. I have more respect for women than to believe that. I hope you do too.


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