When atheists put up anti-Christian bill boards in the cities where our recent political conventions were held, there was an out cry from religious groups. An out cry. No one took to the streets with AK 47’s and started shooting atheists. As with racial intolerance, religious intolerance is an unhappy facet of our lives that rational citizens condemn. But in our nation, at least, we recognize the fundamental principle that we all have a right to freely express ourselves on any issue, with limited exceptions recognized by the law (no, we can’t falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater with impunity). In essence, then, we recognize the right of our citizens to make fools of themselves and worse in what they opine in any form of media. This principle of free speech is based on the logic that rational and thinking people will be able to decide for themselves whether what they digest in whatever form is true or not, appropriate and consistent with what they believe. It also expresses our belief that differing viewpoints, even those we may disagree with, should be respected for the greater good of promoting tolerance for what we may believe. And our leaders should always be conscious of and protective of these principles. This Administration’s and their cronies in the liberal media’s attempt to characterize the debacle in the Middle East as the result of an anti-Muslim video begs the question. To suggest, as this Administration has, that we should make some exception to our right to free speech when that speech may result in foreign fanatics attacking us here and abroad is, in a word, “Un-American.” As one commentator pointed out, what is the government supposed to do, start trying to censor every missive of any kind that might foment some crazy to commit a violent act? As bad as the violence abroad has been our government should be looking to punish those responsible rather than concentrating on the pretext that occasioned the attacks in an effort to obfuscate an objective view of its own foreign policy failures.


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