I recently read Robert Kennedy’s book on the Cuban missile crisis. Although many Americans are not aware of it, thanks to the Kennedy brothers, nuclear Armageddon was narrowly avoided. What struck me as I’ve followed the news about the killing of our ambassador in Libya was the role played by Susan Rice, our ambassador to the U.N. You may recall that some five days after the deaths of four Americans in Bengazi, including our ambassador, Rice went on all the Sunday talk shows (even Fox News) and declared that the killings were the result of a protest at our compound in Benghazi that got out of hand and began because of an anti-Muslim video by some weirdo in California. As it turns out, the evidence now shows that it was a well orchestrated terror attack by the usual suspects timed on the anniversary of 911. Most disturbing are the revelations that this Administration knew it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours of its occurrence. The former U.N. ambassador under the last Bush, John Bolton, indicated early on that Rice had to have been spinning an Administration line because U.N. ambassadors don’t operate independently when it comes to such pronouncements. While you may dismiss Bolton’s opinion as partisan, don’t because it’s confirmed if you read Kennedy’s account of how carefully then U.N. ambassador Adlai Stevenson was coached when he appeared before the U.N. to reveal the Russian’s plans to place missiles in Cuba. Rice’s appearance is reminiscent of Colin Powell’s speech before the U.N. claiming Iraq had to be invaded because it was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. At least that debacle was based on an over reaction to limited and faulty intelligence. Here, the intelligence was clear and consistent with what any rational person would conclude had to be a terrorist attack. New evidence reported on CBS now shows that the compound was given a “waiver” from the usual State Department requirements for security and our Ambassador’s pleas for additional security were not only ignored but the State Department actually lessened security for the Ambassador and his staff. Rice was obviously a pawn in an attempt to cover up what really happened in Libya because it doesn’t fit in with this Administration’s campaign rhetoric that with the death of Osama the Bin Laudinum, the war on terror has been won.


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