Due to the “mainstream” media failing in their obligation to properly report the unfolding scandal of Benghazigate, you may be unaware that Fox News has now confirmed from the CIA station chief on the ground that on the night of the attack at our compound in Benghazi, three requests were made by the two slain former navy seals for assistance during the attack. Requests that were denied. One of the former seal’s request to leave the annex to go to the aid of our ambassador was denied on two occasions. He went anyway, ignoring orders, in an attempt to rescue the ambassador. He was able to save some personnel and get them to the annex but the ambassador had already been killed apparently during the two hours the seal’s requests to go to the ambassador’s aid were denied. When the annex was later attacked, the seal and his fellow former seal, under attack by terrorists using mortars, again asked for help. That request was denied. Both seals were killed by mortar fire, one of them found slumped over a machine gun where he had apparently died trying to defend himself and his fellow Americans. It has also been reported that laser targeting on the mortars had occurred which would have allowed a surgical strike by American aircraft on those targets which might have saved these mens’ lives. At a minimum, one former Lieutenant General has indicated that a fly over by fighter jets would probably have scattered the terrorists and saved the Americans being attacked. Of course, that never occurred. Based on drones and live communications, we now know that the attack was being reported to Washington in real time. And those reports would have been received in the situation room at the White House. During the crisis, it has now been established that our President met with his Veep, the Secretary of Defense and others. Guess what they were talking about. And yet, nothing was done to aid those under attack in Benghazi. In another smear on the sagging reputation of our media, that portion of the President’s interview on Sixty Minutes, right after the attack, in which he acknowledged it was an act of terror, was deleted from the interview which appeared on the air. CBS, after listening for over two weeks to the spin line of the administration that the attack was just a protest that got out of hand based on some anti-Muslim video, finally released that portion of the interview a few days ago. Congress has now scheduled hearings which, conveniently, will occur after November 6. Richard Nixon was forced to resign from the Presidency when it was revealed that he had been aware of the Watergate break in and had attempted to orchestrate a coverup. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Obomba wins re-election and then is forced to resign under similar circumstances?


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