It will be a big relief when this election cycle is over because we won’t have to put up with the constant stream of stupid invectives from crazy conservatives and angry liberals. I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of it. As we’ve survived a senatorial candidate from the right talking about “legitimate rape” so will we survive Eva Longoria forwarding a tweet from some liberal claiming anyone, women included, who vote for Romney are “stupid.” Forest Gump might have said “stupid is as stupid does” when referring to Whoopi Cushion Goldberg suggesting to Ann Romney on the View that her husband didn’t serve in Viet Nam because the Mormons are conscientious objectors. Jeez Whoopi you really are stupid. That’s on par with suggesting our Prexy never served in our armed forces because it would be against his commitment to the Muslim Brotherhood. The assumption by some on the right and a whole lot more on the left that women, in particular, are some monolithic voting block is, well, insulting. While women are concerned about abortion, contraception and the like, so are men. And just as men are concerned about the economy, so are women. Women are not only out in the work place but so-called “stay at home moms” are often the ones having to figure out family budgets, stretching every dollar to make ends meet. When statistics show that about 43% of Americans identify themselves as very or moderately conservative, those polls include women. I suspect that while a majority of Catholic women, for example, use contraception, they don’t appreciate having their basic religious tenets interfered with by a secular government. I suspect that when mom has to fill up at the gas pump, she’s more than a little concerned about what our government is really doing about developing our oil and gas reserves. Women, just as their male counterparts, will have to decide in this election whether they will be satisfied with the broad framework Romney is laying out to improve the economy or whether they will vote for the incumbent whose program is to keep printing more money and borrowing the rest from China in an effort to “stimulate” the economy. In the final analysis, for both sexes, this election will be decided by reference to James Carville’s famous line, “It’s all about the economy stupid!” And I have every confidence that women will be just as intelligent on the issue as men.



  1. THANK YOU! I am so glad someone else is speaking up on this. Sure there are unique perspectives that come from being a woman, or a man or African-American or Latino or what have you, but we are all first and foremost people with complex minds and motivations and influences that work to shape our thoughts. It is insulting – actually quite sexist- to assert that women should think a certain way JUST BECAUSE they are women. Great examples.

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