“Old (Angry) White Men”

Wow! I never thought I’d live to see the day when I would become a part of a minority being discriminated against but its finally happened. In the wake of the GOP’s losses in the last election, pundits on the left and even some on the right are blaming “old White men” for the party’s troubles with the electorate and going so far to least imply that it’s these guys who are not only out of step with most Americans but the root of all evil in our country. Newsweek,(they’re going out of business except as a net presence due to lack of readership ) as well as that paragon of objective reporting, columnist Leonard Pitts, among others have taken up the cry that our nation’s problems are due to “old White men” or as Pitts characterizes them, “angry White men.” Although I’m not sure what the definition of “old” is, since I’m closer to the big 70 than the now distant 60, I hope I fit the definition. Of course, since I’m a registered independent who embraces many liberal social positions that’s a strike against me but we’ll just ignore that. After all, I’m excited to finally be on the outside looking in rather than being lumped with that nasty group of reactionary racists who exist, according to Mr. Pitts and his ilk, like the Reverend Al Sharpton, to bring grief to minorities. While I don’t think any of my elderly Asian male friends will qualify, thanks to the New York Times characterization of George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic,” it appears my older Hispanic male friends will also qualify to be included in our group. Now, I can take solace that if I screw up, I can yell “discrimination” based on my new found status as an “old White man.” Boy, it’s sure a good thing that Jerry Sandusky has already been convicted, otherwise he might have beat the rap by claiming the only reason he was being prosecuted was because he was an “old White man.” And I’m sure his attorneys would have added that he was angry as well. Since demographic projections show that by mid century, White people will be in the minority in our country, it’s not too early for all us “old White men” to start the ball rolling by claiming that every thing bad that happens to us will be the result of being, well, “old White men.” Forgive me while I settle back with my mint julep and revel in my new found minority status.