I’m no fan of Ellen Degenerate. I think she’s about as entertaining as watching U Tube video’s of Lindsey Lohan in a drunk tank (assuming there are any such videos). But I find myself coming to old Ellie’s defense when she was attacked personally after she appeared in an ad for J.C. Penney’s. Apparently, some right wing group called the One Million Moms criticized Penny’s for allowing Degenerate to be in their ad because she is gay. Now, be aware that old Ellie wasn’t endorsing being gay in any way, she was just endorsing a product. So apparently, the message here is that if you have a particular personal life style which I suppose could include everything from religion to sex, you may not be an appropriate spokes person. In essence, then, the only politically correct spokes people will have to be ones who mirror the life styles of those who might watch the ad. Good luck with that. I supported former Arkansas gov Mike Huckleberry’s campaign to aid the beleaguered prexy of a chicken franchise who personally expressed his opposition to gay marriage. I wonder if ole Mikey will be openly defending Penney’s and Degenerate. By contrast, a California teacher’s union ran an ad narrated by that left wing bigot Ed Anger in which they showed a cartoon character representing the top 1% of earners in our country urinating on other characters supposedly representing the middle class. That was a direct attack on a class of people. When Asner was confronted by a reporter about the ad, he offered to urinate on the reporter. Real classy Eddie. The difference is pretty obvious and establishes what is appropriate and what isn’t. In one case, you have a spokesperson who might have a personal life style that is objectionable to some people. Fine. Don’t buy the products they endorse if you’re that narrow minded but don’t criticize a business for allowing these spokes people to earn a living. In the other case, we should all condemn bigotry in any form and have no hesitation in condemning organizations and their spokes- people who advocate hate.


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