Although some of my friends and family continue to poo poo my condemnation of the liberal bias in the media, it is interesting to note that although my net news includes stories on Lindsey Lohan’s latest peccadilloes, Evan R. Wood’s pregnancy (she’s an actress) and the fact that some CEO had his gun permit revoked, there is no mention of our former vice president, Al Gore. It seems that Al baby started a liberal news network and, like most liberal media attempts, it failed. So, Al and his business cronies decided to sell it. That right wing icon, turned libertarian, Glen Beck offered to buy it but Al wouldn’t consider a sale to a conservative like Beck. So instead, Al sold his Current TV channel to a middle eastern terrorist group. Yep. Even the New York Times identified Al Zareeza as a group supporting terrorism but what the hey, that didn’t seem to faze ole Al. After spouting off in support of taxing the rich, ole Al also tried to complete the sale before the new year, so he could avoid paying higher capital gain’s taxes. Apparently, that was unsuccessful but not to worry, Al still pulled in a cool hundred mil for his share of the network. Ironically, Al is now worth more than that whipping boy of the left, one Rom Mitney ( remember him?). While the media was more than happy during the last election to repeat every allegation that made Romney look like an uncaring rogue business type, ole Al, being a liberal, gets a free ride on his little trip down hypocrisy lane. The real “inconvenient truth” is that Al Gore is nothing more than the typical sleazy opportunistic politician. And those of you who continue to argue that everything bad that happens to us during the rest of our life times is because G. W. The Bushy beat ole Al would do well to contemplate just what it would have been like having a guy like ole Al Goring us for eight years. 


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