One of the ironies that seems to be lost on many is that we now live in a country where our President can order the killing of Americans without due process of law by simply consulting his “kill list” which he apparently reviews every Tuesday ( I guess there are more important things for him to do on Mondays). During the Bush administration, in response to 911, our government began using unmanned drones to bomb our enemies. Despite condemning their use at the time, this President has not only increased the use of drones to kill people, we now target Americans that someone or ones in the White House decide need to be killed as terrorists. Of course, these people don’t get arrested, they don’t get prosecuted, they don’t get lawyers and apparently the only appeal they get is with God. Whether killing these Americans is justified or not, we are also killing their innocent families and others in what we like to call “collateral damage.” John Brennan, the architect of this program under the Bush administration and this President’s nominee to head the CIA justifies the use of drones because he argues it saves lives by not having to put troops on the ground. He doesn’t apparently address the larger issue of why it has been necessary to put “troops on the ground” in places like Iraq and Afghanistan when it is obvious that we have achieved nothing except delaying these countries slide into sponsoring terrorism at the cost of American lives. Kudos to the Arc of Justice Coalition, a far left group that has been consistent in opposing the use of drones not only during the Bush administration but during the OBOMBa (no pun intended) administration as well. Unfortunately, the so-called mainstream media aka the liberal media has been largely silent on the increased use of drones by this administration and the use of drones to kill Americans without due process of law. While there should be no argument that the sham terrorist trial at Gitmo is not the way we should be dealing with accused terrorists, the answer is not changing who we are as a people to the extent we wipe out the rights we have traditionally guaranteed to our citizens who are accused of a crime. As has often been noted, while the American system of justice is far from perfect, it remains a model for the world. And for those on the Left, they should be concerned what their silence on this issue bodes for the future. What is next, killing Americans in our own country that our leaders deem represent a threat to our welfare? I don’t know about you but it scares me to think that these decisions would rest in the hands of Bush, Obama or any other sleazy politicians we seem to routinely elect to our highest office. 



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