Having spent some time behind a badge or two, I get it about cops, people generally don’t like them. They don’t like the fact that every time they generally interact with cops, they receive what is often called “negative feedback.” And, as another old cliche goes, when you need one of those guys in uniform, they never seem to be around. And finally, with all the crime, how well can they be doing their jobs anyway? I suppose there was a lot of this kind of sentiment behind some of the public actually trying to make a hero out of killer Christopher Dorner. It seems Dorner left a long rambling “manifesto” complaining about his treatment when he, himself, had been a member of the fuzz. The L.A. fuzz. While it is generally understandable that we often have sympathy for people who make mistakes, violate the law, there has to be a limit to our generosity. “Liking” Dorner on Facebook, for example, is akin to arguing that the Nazi’s must have had some good points even as they slaughtered Jews and burned books. Even worse, there is a very unhealthy undercurrent in the support for Dorner. I suspect that if he hadn’t been Black, his approval rating would have been much less than it has been. Dorner’s allegations that he was the subject of discrimination after he was fired from the LAPD for making, as both the police department and later a judge concluded was a false allegation against a fellow officer, apparently rang a bell with certain curmudgeons who continue to believe that the LAPD is a “racist” organization, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the fact that the bulk of LAPD officers are now members of minorities, Black and Hispanic. In reality, Dorner, whatever his mental state, killed innocent people, four in number, in what we thriller writers call, “cold blood.” To lionize someone like Dorner, no matter what his race and no matter what his motivation, is sick in itself. 


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