David Axelrod, Obama senior adviser, has just been added as a commentator for NBC News and its left wing arm, MSNBC. Robert Gibbs, former Obama press flack has also been added to the NBC lineup. This should come as no surprise to anyone who recognizes the liberal bias endemic to the so-called “mainstream media.” When Fox News added conservative activist Karl Rove to its lineup, NBC made much of the alleged bias of Fox News in an attempt to marginalize the most watched cable news network as nothing more than a right wing outlet. In fact, I suspect most people watch Fox because it’s the only news outlet where you can get both points of view. The liberal whipping boy, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Democratic icon James Carville last night, for example, and Carville gave O’Reilly all he could handle. Alan Colmes, Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Santita Jackson and Bob Beckel, among others, have no problem defending the liberal point of view on Fox News and the Fox Business Channel. While it is interesting to note that Fox has added Herman Cain and former senator Scott Brown to its lineup of commentators, there is no indication that you will ever hear any conservative viewpoint on NBC or MSNBC which continue, like their other mainstream cronies to be more enamored of the President’s golf game than reporting about his absence from the proceedings on the night when our ambassador and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi. 


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