“They’ve got that ‘born bad’ tag on them so deep that lawmakers all over are trying to make them illegal. They’re even a ‘banned breed’ in some countries and the disease is spreading. Pits can’t hire lobbyists, so nobody’s running around screaming about their right to own one, even if they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I mean, it’s not as if they were something sacred…like guns.

“You know how those gangsta-boy punks ‘train’ their dogs to fight? They feed them gunpowder. Ulcerates the lining of their stomachs until they’re in so much pain all the time that it turns them vicious. I guess that doesn’t qualify as irony-not cute enough for the bloggers and too nasty for the poets. 

“I couldn’t wait for Michael Vick to find Jesus, snatch himself some forgiveness and go back to pro football. I could watch every game, hoping he’d get his spine snapped. Then they could just push his wheelchair into a swimming pool and throw in a plugged-in space heater. Hey, if he can’t breed, what good is he, right?”

Andrew Vachss, Another Life, A Burke Novel



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