While it is obvious to those who regularly read my blog that I am no fan of this President, I find myself coming to his defense after he was criticized by the politically correct types for including a reference to a woman’s beauty while otherwise extolling her professional virtues. Having seen the lady in question, California’s attorney general, I would have to agree, she is a very attractive woman. It seems that we may have reached the point in our society where no man is allowed to compliment a woman’s beauty without being accused of being sexist. As men, we are supposed to ignore the fact that a majority of women still spend what many men consider an inordinate amount of time primping in front of the mirror, carefully applying expensive makeup, bathing their bodies in expensive lotions, creams and perfumes, hanging out at the spa, spending oodles of dough on perms, dye jobs, hair pieces, not to mention those who partake of “enhancements” and “augmentations.” I think that if we guys are to be constrained for complimenting women who successfully complete the process, it is only fair that you gals give up all these efforts to look your best. As males, we will no longer be lured into leering at you if you simply get up in the morning, leave your hair all askew, forget the eye liner and lip stick, dress in a gunny sack and wear flip flops. I promise we won’t have any thoughts let alone the temptation to compliment you on how you look. Of course, you might consider the devastation that will be visited on all those industries that depend on your current drive to look your best and, of course, fair is fair, so God help you if you express an opinion that one of us looks good. 


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