1. Contrary to what some on the religious right believe, just as genetics has now established there is a “math gene,” it is also true that sexual preference, hetro or homo, is also determined by genetics.

2. Religion is not a dirty word and the secularists attacks on religion are misplaced and disrespectful.

3. The best managed states and those with the highest employment rates are “red states” with Republican governors. The worst managed states with the highest unemployment rates are “blue states” with Democratic governors.

4. Those with conservative beliefs and opinions are not, as the Left often tries to portray them, stupid, ignorant or bigoted. Black conservatives are not “oreos,” “uncle Toms,” or “tokens.”

5. Gun control measures being forwarded by the Democrats, whether you agree with them or not, are an infringement on the Second Amendment.

6. This administration has no cohesive foreign policy. The continuing revelations about Benghazi confirm “gate” is an appropriate addition to the word.

7. No one with any semblance of intelligence should care what Lindsey Lohan is doing.

8. Like many other young boys of the era, my first crush was on Annette.  She will be missed.

  1. Memo to Janet Nepoolitanna: the border is not secure.

  2. Memo to Alaskan congressman: the word “wet backs” is no longer an appropriate name to use whether it was used in the past or not. The “N” word was used in the past as well but no rational person would argue that it should be used today.

11. Congrats to the Louisville basketball player who survived a devastating leg injury for adopting that wonderful breed of dog: the American Pit Bull Terrier.
12. And congrats to David Abrams, a local Butte author, whose novel, Fobbit, based on his service in Iraq, was selected as a notable book of the year by the NY Times. 


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