In the original Die Hard film, the chief bad guy was named “Hans Gruber.” Now, it seems he has an evil twin operating in the real world. It seems that John or Jon, however he spells it, Gruber, an MIT prof and the principal architect of the Affordable Health Care Act, has been making lectures over the last several years admitting that the AHCA was drafted to be incomprehensible so its aim of redistributing wealth through a massive tax could be hidden from the voters. Oh and Mr. G. is caught on tape, not once but three times (so far) calling the voters too stupid to catch on to the deception. That is because, he readily admits, if the American people knew it was a tax, they would have never accepted it and not even the Donkeys would have voted for it. At some 2500 pages, not even the Prexy read it. Now infamously said by none other than that wise and intelligent then leader of the House, “We’ll have to pass it so we can know what is in it,” or words to that effect. It is so repugnant to hear that quote I have since tried to forget it. Finally, someone revealed the first tape and Gruber appeared on MSNBC (where else) and tried to pass off what he had said as an unintended gaff, spoken “off the cuff.” The problem with that excuse is that he said it many times. Perhaps, as some wags on the right have suggested, we should salute, not condemn Mr. Gruber for telling the truth. Sorry, I am not in that camp. Contrary to the lies perpetrated by Mr. Gruber and his president, millions lost their health insurance, got inferior health insurance at higher rates, lost their preferred doctors and face higher deductibles they can’t afford. And despite admitting the lies and deceptions, Gruber still maintains that the end justified the means. It reminds me of those who criticize those who conclude that it is okay to spy on our citizens because in the interest of security, the ends justify the means. Or water boarding prisoners because the ends justify the means. In the interest of pursuing evil aims, dictators, commies, fascists and others who kill, maim and mutilate have always justified their actions on the same argument: the ends justify the means. And never mind that the American people oppose the AHCA. In the elite circles in which Mr. Gruber obviously travels, he has embraced the “nanny state” in which he and his intellectual equals have to tell the “stupid” people in our country what is right for them. After all, we are too “stupid” to figure out what form of health care might be best for us. Finally, I take the time to share this story with you because the main stream media has said nothing about it. That is, of course, because it doesn’t fit their liberal agenda. God forbid they get caught criticizing their pet prexy.


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