Angelina Jolie

Although I have two children in the entertainment industry, I am not a fan of Hollywood celebrities. As with journalists, they are overwhelmingly biased on the political left, their unflagging support for the liberal/progressive agenda revealing a head shaking hypocrisy ranging from Al Gore showing up for a rally on global warming in a big gas guzzling SUV to Sean Penn’s support for a dictator guilty of killing thousands. In many respects, they remind me of the worst on the right, like skinheads and the KKK. As with any group, however, there are exceptions. While I have no doubt Ms. Jolie supports her peers politically, we must remember that politics alone, no matter how badly they may affect our daily lives do not define the persons we may be. One of the nice aspects to liberals is their charity. In a recent appearance, Ms. Jolie took time to sit down on the sidewalk with one of her fans who was having a panic attack. In the video of the incident, she comforted the young woman and even took a selfie with her. The wags may say it was just another publicity stunt but I don’t think so. As with her other charitable work, Ms. Jolie uses her status as a “star” to do some good. For this, she should be congratulated and we should all be grateful. Bravo, Ms. Jolie!


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