There are important issues facing our nation including at best, a lack luster economy and the worse foreign policy since Jimmy Carter and yet the Elephants, who desperately want to address those problems by electing a prexy in 2016, continue to shoot themselves in the feet by adhering to ridiculous social policies that guarantee they will alienate not only Donkeys and independents but moderates within their own party, as well. In the latest gaffe, Indiana repubs passed a law supposedly guaranteeing religious freedom by allowing business owners to refuse to serve potential patrons on religious grounds. While I have written extensively about the current secular administration’s attack on religious freedom, you can’t have it both ways meaning you can’t object to discrimination against religion while at the same time defending discrimination on religious grounds. Putting aside strictly legal issues, if you decide to open a coffee shop, you should expect that if you are successful, you won’t always being serving people who agree with your politics, how you raise your children or which church, if any, you attend. Of course, the resultant public furor over this law is obviously seeing the law as a reason to discriminate against the LBGT community. And rightly so, although outside of West Hollywood, I have no idea how some red neck on the right will even be able to determine whether a person who walks in and orders a cup of coffee is gay. Just as no governmental entity should stop you from believing whatever you want religiously, likewise no governmental agency should deny you the liberty to be who you choose to be sexually. If the Elephants wish to be relevant in this day and age, they had better wake up and start concentrating on core issues that really matter to most Americans.



  1. Yeah Warner, you head the nail on the head. I remember the when in the Sixties swapping beers the argument was made about blacks when they wanted into a social club; “Why do they want to go where they are not wanted.” This is no different. When in the exercise of your religion it is incumbent on you not to impinge on someone else’s liberty.
    This is incredible monumental stupidity. Can we depend on these idiots to keep another socialist out of the White house?

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