A former retired male athlete has decided to and has become a female retired athlete. Since the athlete in question has become, since her retirement, a celeb, the press has done the story to death, as would be expected whenever there is the possibility of controversy. My initial reaction is a big “ho hum.” With all the important issues facing us, a sex change operation by anyone would seem to have a very low priority for concern. While I respect my religious brethren’s right to believe what they will, I don’t see issues of gender identity having any adverse effect on the war on terror, the Chinese hacking our computers to death, Iran getting and possibility using an atomic bomb, the NSA stealing our personal information, the IRS going after our citizenry for political purposes, lying by our President and so on. As to the argument that such behavior somehow underscores the perception that our society is moving away from the traditional values which allegedly made this country great, that is a moral position that cannot be supported objectively. Gay people are productive members of society: they have no corner on crimes committed or harm done to others. In essence, their sexual identity is just one aspect of who they are as people. And, if we are really going to hold ourselves out as being traditionally moral Americans, their differences should be respected. As for the coverage, Kathleen Parker, a columnist for the Washington Post put it best when she wrote: “the media’s group embrace of Jenner’s transition should be seen for what it is–not a revolutionary step toward minority rights, but a money grab for ads, ratings, sales and buzz in a culture of provocation and greed without ethics or conscience. Let’s talk about that instead.”


2 thoughts on “MS. JENNER

  1. My feeling was why was this a news story at all. Of course we all know why. This was just a PC event. Has anyone but me noticed that PC has dominated the news to such an extent that it is used as misdirection to keep the public from focusing on real news.
    Item: Homeland Security tells us to be alert about ISIS acts on terrorism on the 4th and some paid for shill from the NY Times tries to tell us right wing extremists are as big a threat. Now even if I could deem that credible ( HS was not created to fight domestic terrorists.) it’s a straw man argument since one has no connection with the other.
    Item: Pamela Geller does her cartoon event of the Prophet Muhammad to illustrate that Muslim extremists don’t respect the first amendment and the liberal media turn it around to attempt to illustrate that she doesn’t respect Muslims. Whether she does or doesn’t totally misses the point. The first amendment is part of our Constitution and as such is imbued with the respect our society gives it. No one is under any obligation to respect the world view of another, religious or otherwise.
    Item: Two years ago our embassy in Benghazi was attacked by terrorists which is by international law an attack on our country. So what does our government do? Use the PC bulls**t to go on a hunt for factors that motivated it. And to date I believe there has been only one arrest in the entire affair.
    Enough examples. I would wish that everyone who does not want to be spoon fed from the barnyard stand up and identify it for what it is.

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