Name calling is seldom productive. If you can’t prevail with reasoned arguments on the issues, then it is obvious that you haven’t thought enough about the positions you are advocating. Unless you are insecure in your own beliefs, you should respect the opinions of those who disagree with you. And finally, you should always keep an open mind. Maybe what you believe can be shown by others’ reasoned arguments to be wrong. But there are exceptions to these rules. When a person in a position of authority uses that position to penalize those with whom they disagree, that is reprehensible behavior. It is even worse if that person’s power derives from their position in a government that should be protecting the rights of all Americans. So, we have Lois Lerner who used her position in the IRS to penalize people with whom she disagreed politically. Even the most ardent liberal cannot rationally deny that this occurred. The latest revelations concerning the few emails recovered from Lerner reveal her strong bias against conservatives and particularly tea party types who applied for exempt status under tax rules. In fact, she stone walled them, denying the status otherwise awarded to groups she (and possibly others in the Obomba administration) deemed worthy of such exemptions. This was nothing more than using the power of the federal government to penalize political enemies of the current administration. While I am no fan of the so-called tea party, believing they do the elephants more harm than good, this misuse of power is not only reprehensible but down right scary. It is tantamount to the actions of the Nixon administration with Watergate when a paranoid prexy sent his minions on the prowl to get info to discredit his political enemies. Maybe to solve this problem, we need to change the system (a wish not a reality) by providing our prexys’ with one six year term. But one thing is certain: Lois Lerner is scum.



Okay, so let’s put aside our snide comments about Al Gore showing up to a rally protesting global warming in a giant gas guzzling SUV and consider the latest study from that icon of liberal thinking, Stanford, which admitted that the drought in California was not the result of global warming as argued for by my friends on the Left (with a capital “L”). What I have concluded is the following: Is there global warming? Yes. No less an authority than my own scientist son makes a compelling argument to support that thesis. And I can tell you that my son, as a scientist, has no liberal agenda. Second, are we evil human beings causing global warming? No. Very reputable scientists conclude that Mother Nature is still in control despite our egocentric arguments to the contrary. We are, many of my friends on the Left are surprised to learn, currently in an ice age. The history of our earth shows that we go through periods of cold and hot to put it in simplistic terms. Does man contribute to global warming? Yes. The Stanford study indicates that the role of man in the California drought, for example, has contributed to that drought. That makes sense when you take off your political blinders and look around you. All that exhaust haze in the air can’t be good for you or the environment. And it ain’t coming from Mom Nature. Is the immediate answer to stamp out all fossil fuel industries with the stroke of an executive pen? Well, I guess that depends on your priorities. If you want to destroy people’s lives by throwing them out of the already thinning work force and put them on the already bloated federal dole, then I guess it is worth it. Despite the fact that other nations, most notably China, could care less about the issue and will continue to poison the air, so to speak. For once, it would be nice if we could continue our inevitable march toward so-called “clean energy” with the realization that just as it took decades to create the problem, it will take another 50 to 100 years (as noted by other scientists) to solve the problem. Unfortunately, in our zeal to remain “politically correct,” intelligent dialogue is often lost in the translation.

Missing Common Sense

As the 2016 prexy election looms, it is hard to be optimistic that the recent trend of electing divisive candidates will end or lessen. It appears we have now morphed into an electorate made up of the Right which will elect a KKK member as long as he or she (hmm are there any female KKK members?) is an elephant and the Left which has an avowed socialist rising in the polls and a head of the DNC who cannot define the difference between a socialist and a donkey. According to the numbers, there are a few of us left in the middle who are being courted by the respective parties to choose between these polar opposites. It appears we have a nominee on the Left who is the epitome of what most of the electorate hates: a professional politician who embraces crony capitalism and lies whenever it is convenient to do so. Just today, my local liberal paper even ran a story contrasting Hilly’s speech against anonymous donations of money with the reality that she just received over a million from anonymous donors. On the Right, we have some sensible candidates like carly and ben but we have to leave their names in small letters because they are so far down in the polls, they hardly matter. Instead, we have Mr. Ego, Donny Strump leading the polls, a man so scary that putting him in charge of the nuke button would be akin to having it in the hands of Idi Amin Dada (or perhaps the Muddles of Iran). I can only hope that the elephants can come to their senses and pick a viable candidate to go up against the Clinton foundation. But don’t hold your breath.


Moving into my seventh decade, I assiduously try not to comment from the perspective of “having been there and done that,” preferring to let the younger generation find their own way through this veil of tears known as life. It also helps to know that most young people could care less what older people have to say anyway. But, on occasion, I can’t seem to help myself when I read something so stupid it pisses me off. Falling prey to reviewing Facebook, I recently read a missive from an obviously uber liberal blogger condemning a presidential candidate’s (the candidate’s last name suggests a small plant growing alongside the roadway) advocating working hard to achieve success. The blogger spent an inordinate amount of space setting forth how hard we Americans already work, his apparent conclusion being that more work won’t improve our economy or our lives. There is a simple solution to his dilemma. First, don’t get an education or prepare for a specific skill set that will enable you to earn a living. Second, spend your time complaining about the success of others. This will inevitably lead you to resenting those who are successful and wanting what they have. Since you have no education or skills, you can advocate taking what they have. Some would suggest this is unfair but what do they know. Call it “income redistribution,” it sounds so much better than “highway robbery.” Third, in another nod to Robin Hood, taking from the so-­‐ called rich and giving to the so-­‐called poor, wait for the government to meet all your needs. Now, you’re set. You can spend all your time on the net while you wait for your welfare check or other form of governmental largess. Of course, as more and more of you do so, there will be less and less of those who still work for a living. Since government produces no widgets, it can only raise money by borrowing, taxing the private sector or printing money. When the latest form of “ism” finally runs its inevitable course, don’t be surprised when your fellow citizens start burning themselves in the streets, like the Greeks, when the flow of governmental largess finally runs out. When I worked, I paid no attention to how many hours I worked. I often worked seven days a week. All I was concerned about was getting the job done and supporting and educating my family which I am proud to have accomplished. My oldest is a PHD and a lead professor of biology at a college, my middle is a Hollywood publicist and my youngest is an international tax lawyer. And they achieved their success with long hours and hard work. You can achieve the alleged “American dream,” whatever that means but you won’t do it unless you apply yourself and stop worrying about what others may or may not do.