Missing Common Sense

As the 2016 prexy election looms, it is hard to be optimistic that the recent trend of electing divisive candidates will end or lessen. It appears we have now morphed into an electorate made up of the Right which will elect a KKK member as long as he or she (hmm are there any female KKK members?) is an elephant and the Left which has an avowed socialist rising in the polls and a head of the DNC who cannot define the difference between a socialist and a donkey. According to the numbers, there are a few of us left in the middle who are being courted by the respective parties to choose between these polar opposites. It appears we have a nominee on the Left who is the epitome of what most of the electorate hates: a professional politician who embraces crony capitalism and lies whenever it is convenient to do so. Just today, my local liberal paper even ran a story contrasting Hilly’s speech against anonymous donations of money with the reality that she just received over a million from anonymous donors. On the Right, we have some sensible candidates like carly and ben but we have to leave their names in small letters because they are so far down in the polls, they hardly matter. Instead, we have Mr. Ego, Donny Strump leading the polls, a man so scary that putting him in charge of the nuke button would be akin to having it in the hands of Idi Amin Dada (or perhaps the Muddles of Iran). I can only hope that the elephants can come to their senses and pick a viable candidate to go up against the Clinton foundation. But don’t hold your breath.


One thought on “Missing Common Sense

  1. I don’t know if I share your opinion of Donald. True he is an egotist with a tendency to be rash, but after almost seven years of Obama timidity I kind of find it refreshing. You know George Patton had similar adjectives applied to him but I wonder if it might have taken an extra year to defeat the Germans if Ike hadn’t restored him to command.
    Plus with the possible exception of Carly all of the other repubs have a tendency to equivocate when what if questions are put to them especially when it comes to immigration. Equivocation almost always leads to acquiescence at some point down the road and we will have something like Obama lite. Border hopping has long ago metamorphosed from an economic issue to a national security issue. When will our leaders understand the concept of a power vacuum? No we can’t make nice with the worlds’ thugs.

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