Okay, so let’s put aside our snide comments about Al Gore showing up to a rally protesting global warming in a giant gas guzzling SUV and consider the latest study from that icon of liberal thinking, Stanford, which admitted that the drought in California was not the result of global warming as argued for by my friends on the Left (with a capital “L”). What I have concluded is the following: Is there global warming? Yes. No less an authority than my own scientist son makes a compelling argument to support that thesis. And I can tell you that my son, as a scientist, has no liberal agenda. Second, are we evil human beings causing global warming? No. Very reputable scientists conclude that Mother Nature is still in control despite our egocentric arguments to the contrary. We are, many of my friends on the Left are surprised to learn, currently in an ice age. The history of our earth shows that we go through periods of cold and hot to put it in simplistic terms. Does man contribute to global warming? Yes. The Stanford study indicates that the role of man in the California drought, for example, has contributed to that drought. That makes sense when you take off your political blinders and look around you. All that exhaust haze in the air can’t be good for you or the environment. And it ain’t coming from Mom Nature. Is the immediate answer to stamp out all fossil fuel industries with the stroke of an executive pen? Well, I guess that depends on your priorities. If you want to destroy people’s lives by throwing them out of the already thinning work force and put them on the already bloated federal dole, then I guess it is worth it. Despite the fact that other nations, most notably China, could care less about the issue and will continue to poison the air, so to speak. For once, it would be nice if we could continue our inevitable march toward so-called “clean energy” with the realization that just as it took decades to create the problem, it will take another 50 to 100 years (as noted by other scientists) to solve the problem. Unfortunately, in our zeal to remain “politically correct,” intelligent dialogue is often lost in the translation.


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