Name calling is seldom productive. If you can’t prevail with reasoned arguments on the issues, then it is obvious that you haven’t thought enough about the positions you are advocating. Unless you are insecure in your own beliefs, you should respect the opinions of those who disagree with you. And finally, you should always keep an open mind. Maybe what you believe can be shown by others’ reasoned arguments to be wrong. But there are exceptions to these rules. When a person in a position of authority uses that position to penalize those with whom they disagree, that is reprehensible behavior. It is even worse if that person’s power derives from their position in a government that should be protecting the rights of all Americans. So, we have Lois Lerner who used her position in the IRS to penalize people with whom she disagreed politically. Even the most ardent liberal cannot rationally deny that this occurred. The latest revelations concerning the few emails recovered from Lerner reveal her strong bias against conservatives and particularly tea party types who applied for exempt status under tax rules. In fact, she stone walled them, denying the status otherwise awarded to groups she (and possibly others in the Obomba administration) deemed worthy of such exemptions. This was nothing more than using the power of the federal government to penalize political enemies of the current administration. While I am no fan of the so-called tea party, believing they do the elephants more harm than good, this misuse of power is not only reprehensible but down right scary. It is tantamount to the actions of the Nixon administration with Watergate when a paranoid prexy sent his minions on the prowl to get info to discredit his political enemies. Maybe to solve this problem, we need to change the system (a wish not a reality) by providing our prexys’ with one six year term. But one thing is certain: Lois Lerner is scum.


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