While we worry about such profound issues as whether the Topopo is too liberal or whether we ought to have separate bathrooms for transgendered students, our world is going to hell in a hand basket. As our Prexy opined about the threat of global warming on the Alaska shore, the Chinese and Russians conducted joint military maneuvers off that same coast. The Chinese are also building artificial islands in the South China Sea in an effort to exert complete domination over that region. While supporters of our current regime in Washington tout the twenty odd former military big wigs who believe the nuke deal with Iran will promise “peace in our time,” several times that number have condemned the deal, joining those, including a majority of Americans, who believe it will actually guarantee Iran will have a nuke and jump start an arms race in the Middle East. Mr. Obomba meanwhile diddles and fiddles and claims as he did in a recent press conference that Putin’s invasion of Syria in an obvious effort to prop up the brutal Assam regime puts Mr. P. on the “wrong side of history.” I can’t help but remember that Hitler was ultimately proven to be on the wrong side of history, as well. Problem was, we had to fight a brutal and costly war to prove that fact. If you join your Prexy and even current leading Repub prexy candidate, Donnie the Trump, in believing we can disengage from the world stage and sit behind the smallest military since 1940, you will be proven to the one who is on “the wrong side of history.” With all his supposed education, our current Prexy is apparently no student of history since he and his followers learned nothing from what unpreparedness will result in, to wit, inevitable war. Strength through peace has served us well for many decades and it will, by all reasonable opinion, take us decades to again achieve that after the disastrous foreign policy failings of this administration. I think our current Prexy’s indecisiveness is best explained by what he recently told some interviewer for Vanity Fair magazine: “I wear only gray or blue suits. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing.” Apparently, that carries over to his indecisiveness on many other issues, as well. And with our current preoccupations, I’m sure someone will get around to accusing our Prexy of being a racist for not wearing black suits. After all, we must be politically correct until the very day the Chinese and Russians start marching through the streets of New York after they drop the big one on Israel.


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