As the best writer you’ve never heard of, at least when it comes to my novels (my own fault, I love the writing, hate the marketing), I am a keen reader of what other authors write which often inspires my own writing. I have heard that some authors never read anyone else’s writing, too afraid it may somehow influence their own writing, implying for the worse but having found my own “voice” (one of those “writer’s expressions”), I have no fear of that and admire without guilt or envy other writers who capture the perfect turn of phrase, just the right word or combination of words. So, I offer the following passage from one of my favorite writers, Dean Koontz from his novel Innocence in which his protagonist defines love. It is one of the best definitions I’ve ever read. And yes, I wish I had written it. “Love is absorbing, related to affection but stronger, full of appreciation for–and delight in–the other person, marked by a desire always to please and benefit her or him, always to smooth the loved one’s way through the roughness of the days and to do everything possible to make her or him profoundly valued.” Amen.