Another mass shooting, another call for more gun control. The Prexy says he is unabashedly going to politicize the issue, in calling for more…more…well, he didn’t say in his recent diatribe on the issue. We require gun collectors to have a federal firearms license to own certain so-called nasty weapons. We have background checks for most gun purchasers. In some cities, like Chicago, we have stringent gun control laws at the local level. We have year after year decline in gun violence according to FBI stats. And yet, we need more laws, more regulations to…to…well, we’re not sure what but something must be done. Right? If we restrict access to guns, if we restrict the number of guns people can own, if we limit the number of rounds in a clip, this has to help. Right? After all, the argument goes, why do people need so many guns? Why do they need automatic weapons? I mean, come on, what is wrong with all of you? In Australia, the government has solved the problem by confiscating all the guns. Of course, as some have pointed out, to confiscate all our guns in this country would probably take 100 years. And with the cartels, for example, pouring guns across our non-existent border with Mexico, that would pretty much guarantee only the bad guys would have the guns. We could, of course, authorize our governments to forget about the pesky issues of the First and Fourth Amendments and simply allow the police to randomly search everyone and every place for our guns. And, of course, we can ignore the facts that establish that places like Chicago have some of the highest gun violence stats in the world, let alone the country. And of course, we have that outdated concept of gun ownership, embodied in the Second Amendment. Do we really need to own guns in today’s society? Will we really need to raise a militia to protect ourselves in case we are ever invaded? After all, with our current foreign policy where we have disengaged, reduced our military and sit complacently behind our two oceans with apparently nothing to fear, is that likely? And why have guns to protect ourselves and our homes? The government will do that, right? We should enact more gun free zones and advertise their existence. That way, if some nut with a gun does go on a rampage, it will be in one of those places and the rest of us will be safe. After all, anyone who is stupid enough to go into a gun free zone deserves what they get, right? And trying to deal with the root causes of violence is just too difficult. It is much easier to deal with the instruments of violence than its root causes. The only problem I see is that after we take away everyone’s guns, these crazy people will have to resort to better weapons of mass destruction. Soon, we will have to start worrying about crazies blowing up whole movie theaters with bombs. But, what the hell, one problem at a time.