Warner B. Bair II announces his new book, Kismet, the first in the Anonymous Man series.
Find a missing kid. Find a lost love. Find a bullet.
He could handle the first two; it was the last one that was going to be tough to avoid.
cover of Kismet  Click Here to Buy Kismet

Set in Arizona and California, this action-packed mystery features a retired policeman/judge/lawyer who has a knack for attracting trouble.

After my wife’s death, I needed action, something to avoid the trip down a bottle of Scotch. So when Lexie Reardon came along and wanted me to locate her missing brother in the City of Angels, I was ready. What’s that old cliche—”Be careful what you wish for”?

Pretty soon I knew the answer to the question, “What do dirty cops, the Mob and a Mexican drug cartel all have in common?” The guy they wanted dead—Me.

But I’d also rediscovered my first love. After one night with her, it wasn’t going to be me who would die.


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