Not having been born with a computer in hand, I have a healthy distrust of many things digital or whatever we are currently calling the use of all these devices that are supposed to make our lives easier. I find, for example, that while I am able to do so much more in accessing info and seeing movies, I also spend (in my opinion at least) an inordinate amount of time having my computer guy come in to fix the various machines (probably an outdated term) I own.  My TV suddenly brought up the streaming icons so dark I could barely see them. After my guy fiddled around, he found the set had mysteriously reset the picture modes to zero. Of course, he had no explanation for why that would happen. Traditionally, being an old paranoid White guy (NSA anyone?), I have eschewed using social media leaving that to Kathy who is quite adept at it. I have mastered my iphone enough to keep in touch with fam and friends. Lately, however, I have begun reading all the stuff on my Facebook page. I was really surprised to see all the beautiful young, often sexy looking women who are my friends. I had no idea! Who would have thought I would have all these gorgeous young women as my friends. My only regret is that they weren’t all friendly with me back in the day when I was young, fancy free and would have died to have all these lovely ladies sending me messages about their choice in makeup, their love of giant poodles, the best medicine for hangovers and so forth. Ah, wouldn’t it have been grand! I think I get it about Facebook. I have one friend ( I actually know him) who is obviously lonely as he lets everyone know the exact time he goes to bed each night. And several of my religious friends obviously keep their faith intact by sending out sayings like, “God is not dead, he’s just on vacation.” My favorite pics are of my “friends” with their friends compounding my mystification as to who these people are. Wasn’t there some joke or whatever it was about everyone being related to Kevin Bacon? With Facebook, I can see how that occurs. I suppose that if all these digital group hugs bring us closer together, then the exposure of about everything we do in life and the attendant loss of privacy may not be all bad.