Moving into my seventh decade, I assiduously try not to comment from the perspective of “having been there and done that,” preferring to let the younger generation find their own way through this veil of tears known as life. It also helps to know that most young people could care less what older people have to say anyway. But, on occasion, I can’t seem to help myself when I read something so stupid it pisses me off. Falling prey to reviewing Facebook, I recently read a missive from an obviously uber liberal blogger condemning a presidential candidate’s (the candidate’s last name suggests a small plant growing alongside the roadway) advocating working hard to achieve success. The blogger spent an inordinate amount of space setting forth how hard we Americans already work, his apparent conclusion being that more work won’t improve our economy or our lives. There is a simple solution to his dilemma. First, don’t get an education or prepare for a specific skill set that will enable you to earn a living. Second, spend your time complaining about the success of others. This will inevitably lead you to resenting those who are successful and wanting what they have. Since you have no education or skills, you can advocate taking what they have. Some would suggest this is unfair but what do they know. Call it “income redistribution,” it sounds so much better than “highway robbery.” Third, in another nod to Robin Hood, taking from the so-­‐ called rich and giving to the so-­‐called poor, wait for the government to meet all your needs. Now, you’re set. You can spend all your time on the net while you wait for your welfare check or other form of governmental largess. Of course, as more and more of you do so, there will be less and less of those who still work for a living. Since government produces no widgets, it can only raise money by borrowing, taxing the private sector or printing money. When the latest form of “ism” finally runs its inevitable course, don’t be surprised when your fellow citizens start burning themselves in the streets, like the Greeks, when the flow of governmental largess finally runs out. When I worked, I paid no attention to how many hours I worked. I often worked seven days a week. All I was concerned about was getting the job done and supporting and educating my family which I am proud to have accomplished. My oldest is a PHD and a lead professor of biology at a college, my middle is a Hollywood publicist and my youngest is an international tax lawyer. And they achieved their success with long hours and hard work. You can achieve the alleged “American dream,” whatever that means but you won’t do it unless you apply yourself and stop worrying about what others may or may not do.



Although the liberal media has done its best to ignore the evidence, it is apparent to any objective observer that Billy Bob and Hilly Clinton have used speaking fees for the ex-pres and their Clinton Foundation to skirt the law and engage in blatant influence peddling. And polls reflect that most Americans are aware of and believe it. Ironically, however, most Dems still would vote for Hilly to be our next Prexy. As one liberal columnist, whom I otherwise admire, indicated she would put aside the obvious dishonesty and corruption engaged in by Hilly because she agrees with Hilly’s positions on primarily social issues. While I can understand that argument, I can’t accept it. Putting aside the fact that Hilly is constantly changing her positions on just about every issue and currently refuses to even indicate whether she supports or rejects the so-called free trade agreement and won’t even talk to the press, there is a more fundamental problem here. We have elected corrupt, dishonest Presidents before. Tricky Dick Nixon comes readily to mind. The difference is that we didn’t know Nixon was going to turn out to be a crook when we elected him. In Hilly’s case, there can be no doubt that if you vote for her, you do so with the realization that she is corrupt, dishonest and immoral. Period. I still believe that we cannot reach the completely cynical stage when we put aside basic decency to elect someone we know is immoral and dishonest. Rand Paul may be misguided when it comes to his extreme position on foreign policy, Ted Cruz misguided in his Tea Party conservatism, Jeb Bush misguided on the defense of his brother and so on with respect to the current candidates in the other party. Some of those candidates may turn out to be corrupt and dishonest if elected but at least there is no indication of that now. In Hilly’s case there can be no doubt. As a voter for prexy in the next election, you will have to decide whether one social issue or another is more important than the candidate’s track record of being honest on those issues and trustworthy enough to be given the most important office in the world. I hope we’ll make the right decision and err on the side of at least trying to put aside our cynicism long enough to elect someone in whom we can reside some degree of trust in their commitment to honesty and integrity. Absent that, I am afraid we will sink further into the abyss of electing self serving politicians whose only goal is self aggrandizement.